Montana Silversmith

Silver Artistry




Our story starts with the breathtaking scenery of Montana and the silver artistry of Montana Silversmiths world-renowned craftsmen. These artists are inspired by the beauty of their surroundings and are masters at translating this natural beauty into valued, genuine, and sought-after jewelry and buckles through the art of engraving.

Over 49 years ago, the desire to provide quality custom buckles to rodeos and other unique events fueled a passion for creating distinctive and authentic products. Early market entry into the trophy business in 1973 helped establish Montana Silversmiths as a Western leader. We built our reputation on our silver artistry, innovative designs, speed to market, and the ability to customize and personalize products.

Buckles became the tested cornerstones for a sound foundation, and as the business model expanded to include jewelry, it formed the canvas for success. Skilled master artisans translated the “Art of the Buckle” into beautiful, coveted jewelry unmatched anywhere in the world.

The skills of the finest craftsman in the industry, loyal and dedicated employees, along with a visionary approach to marketing and merchandising, affirmed Montana Silversmiths as a leader in the industry, growing to employ 175 people and serving over 5000 retail accounts.

Montana Silversmiths sets the silver standard in American craftsmanship and exceptional products. Our artists continually work to stay ahead of the competition, creating distinctive buckles and jewelry while exploring the horizon for new ways to update classic styles with a fresh, modern appeal. Montana Silversmiths continues to open new frontiers in design through innovation, creativity, and a standard of creating world-class products at every touchpoint through our unique selling proposition.

Montana Silversmiths takes inspiration from the spirit, drama, and romance of the West; creating both jewelry and buckles of meaning and beauty. Translating this inspiration into products designed in Montana and made in the USA or with strategic global partners. 

Montana Silversmiths remains a leader by design, leveraging the “Art of the Buckle” with a focus on the silver artistry that makes them unique. Whether made in Montana, USA, or sourced globally, the design details integrated into each piece, are a testament to the quality of Montana Silversmiths jewelry and buckles.

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