Big Country Toys

The Big Country Toys Story

One night, Greg and Jamie Huett sat and watched while their youngest son, Joseph (pictured above - not so little kid in the middle front) played with his elaborate collection of farm toys. While they watched, they began to become aware of some strange occurrences on their son's farm. For starter's, there were animals sitting on the tops of trailers! Next, they saw that when Joseph was moving his trucks and trailers he had to hold them together, so they wouldn't separate. Lastly, they saw that his fence panels were all different types and sizes (There were even some made of popsicle sticks!). When questioned, Joseph explained that the animals had to sit on the trailers because they weren't the same scale as the trailers. He had to hold the truck and trailer together because they weren't compatible with one another and wouldn't stay attached. Lastly, he explained that he had to keep trying different types and improvisions of fence panels because they kept breaking. From this....


the idea for Big Country Toys was born.


In 2013, Big Country Toys was created by Greg and Jamie Huett to fill the need for young boys and girls to have affordable and durable farm, ranch, & rodeo toys that are both realistic and compatible with a whole line of toys. The journey started by designing durable, scaled fence panels made with proprietary and quality PVC plastic. (See yah later popsicle fences!) This material was then used to create the rest of the line of farm animals, rodeo figurines, vehicles, trailers, and sets, and from there, the product line just kept growing...Small Ranch Set

The Present

Today, Big Country Toys has around 80 different products with recent additions including  riding toys, children's books (written by owner, Greg Huett), stuffed animals, and hunting and fishing toys. We have also partnered with industry leaders and top brands in the farm and ranch industry including FordSundowner Trailer,  and Professional Bull Riders(PBR) to make play time even more realistic.

Lil' Bucker Bull and PBR Bucking Chute

Our Mission

Since our beginning, we have been committed to providing quality toys at an affordable price for our customers, but our commitment doesn't stop there. We are also committed to having a longstanding relationship with our customers that is built on trust and integrity and extends well beyond their purchase.  

Keep In Touch with Us

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If you ever have any questions, we would love to hear from you. Please, visit our contact us page or reach out at the number below. If you ever have any products you would like to see us create, tell us about them on our new product suggestions page.

Thanks for spending this time with us and reading our story.

Have a blessed day!

Big Country Toys Team

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